Ever since I was a little girl, I loved wedding dresses. I used to sneak into my mom’s closet to look at her wedding dress when she wasn’t home. She had no problem with showing it to me, but if she had known how many hours I spent practically drooling over it, she probably would have freaked out a bit. I had pretty childish tastes back then ? unsurprising because I was a child. I loved wedding gowns because they looked so soft and fluffy. They were like cakes, and they made whoever wore them look halfway between a princess and a pastry. I could not get enough.

Back when I was buying discount wedding dresses at thrift stores and wearing them to the school with various punk rock modifications to shock my teachers, I never dreamed that one day I would be a wedding designer. You see, as much as I loved wedding dresses, I wasn’t particularly enamored of weddings. I was very independent, and I couldn’t imagine spending my entire life with one boy, raising kids, and living in a boring suburban corner of the world like my parents did. I wanted action and adventure. I wanted to be a mountain climber or a park ranger, or perhaps a professional photographer. One thing I didn’t want to be was a bride.

Nonetheless, I was still impressed with bridal fashion. I loved when I got to see outdoor weddings at the local park. We lived by a gorgeous state park complete with the rivers, lakes, and beautiful rolling hills. There was a small wedding chapel there, and they would frequently rent it out. My boyfriend at the time must have thought I was giving him messages! I made him sit there with me all afternoon, watching the wedding party. Perhaps he thought I had dreams of long-term romance, but such thoughts were furthest from my mind. I was interested in it purely from a fashion perspective.

Now that I am getting ready for my own wedding, I am struck by how different the experience is from that of helping other people get ready for there big day. Designing wedding dresses is easy. Although there are vintage designs, modern designs, classic designs, and many other variations, it doesn’t amount to all that much variety. There are only a few things to keep track of, and if you appreciate the clothes it is easy. Picking out one for yourself, however, is another matter. It is probably the hardest part is getting married.

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