Every Sunday you can hear those chapel bells. Some lucky couple is tying the knot and making it official. This is a time in everyone’s life that is memorable to say the least. We love this day. Ideally it should occur only one time for each person. There’s the massive cake, the champagne, the jovial crowd and the wonderful wedding traditions. These are the things we look forward to on our day of perfect bliss. The soon-to-be bride paces softly toward her one true love, the father gives her away as the two souls become one with the exchange of rings. Are you prepared for your big day?

Who doesn’t enjoy wedding traditions? There’s the ceremony itself, the honeymoon, and don’t forget the pre-celebration. This is the part that so many men look forward to. If not the soon-to-be groom, the buddies throwing the bash. Yep, the bachelor party is a king amongst wedding traditions. It may not be a literal aspect of the wedding, but it sure is a blast nonetheless. I’ve been to a total of two bachelor parties in my day. One was my brother’s and one was my best buddy’s. These were two of the craziest bashes I’ve ever witnessed. You commonly have the group of guys, the booze, and maybe a few “dancers.” Most of this celebration is about friendship and letting go of the single lifestyle. Notice that I didn’t say it’s about getting buck wild with the “dancers.” Of course girls have their versions of this as well. They lounge about sipping tea and nibbling on crumpets. Or at least this is what I’ve heard.

Probably one of my favorite wedding traditions is the honeymoon. Okay, this is definitely my favorite. This is the part where it’s finally just the two of you. Alone at last for a whopping two weeks or so. In my opinion, this is what most of the money should go toward. Although other wedding traditions are imperative, this is the most fun and personal. This is the tradition that’s solely meant for the bride and groom. It’s about getting pampered, lounging about, and dining at the finest eateries. Where wedding traditions are concerned, I highly recommend you put much thought into the honeymoon.

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