I work in a very large company. We have people from varying backgrounds that work there. Many of the support staff have high school diplomas and some technical training. The designers, sales people and management staff have advanced degrees. Many of our projects involve members of every department working together to meet deadlines. This is when life can get very interesting, as well as fun.

I enjoy working with people. I find the differences in people?s personalities and preferences quite enjoyable as well as humorous. One of the lead people on our latest project is a very stern by the book sort of woman. She is a stickler for details and is quite outspoken. One of the support staff on the project is quite the opposite. She is fun loving and often time?s flies by the seat of her pants. She also has great computer skills as well as clerical skills. She is always my first pick to have involved in a project. During this recent project her daughter was married. At one of the planning meeting she brought along wedding photos to share with the group.

When we meet for project meetings we usually start mid morning and have a brownbag lunch brought in at noon so we can continue working. There is usually a short break when people are getting their lunch together when people chat. It was during this time that the worker brought out the wedding photos. I do not know the woman?s daughter, but I have heard stories about how wild she can get at parties. Her wedding was no exception. The wedding photos were of the reception and the bride dancing on the table tops and other various antics. They had been placed in an album to keep them from getting bent or soiled. According to the wedding photos the reception had been quite an event. Several of us were looking at them when the lead worker was out of the room. When she walked back in she asked what we were doing. We told her we were looking at wedding photos. This interested her because her daughter recently got married, which was a huge social event in the community. I had to leave the room because I was laughing so hard at the look on the lead workers face when she saw the wedding photos. I had seen the formal portraits that were taken at her daughter?s wedding. I am sure she could not imagine a wedding reception like the one she was seeing in these wedding photos. It situations like this that keeps life interesting.

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