Inspiration For Fall Wedding Favors

Though there are a lot of people that love to marry in the summer, there are others that favor the other three seasons. Spring and fall are often close seconds, as they are usually cooler, and you can marry indoors or out as long as you pick the right date. Fall weddings often go with the fall theme, and that means you have a lot of neat fall wedding favor ideas that you can use. While you can buy these in the stores, and sometimes those pressed for time will find this to be a blessing, there are many that you can do on your own if you wish.

The most common theme for fall wedding favors is the colorful leaves of fall. The reason these are so popular is because they are so beautiful, and because these colors can also work for the colors in your wedding otherwise. Coppers, greens, yellows, oranges, and reds are the most common and they look great together. Your fall wedding favors can easily revolve around this theme and you can do whatever it is that you want. You can tie your favors in a fall theme into what you use for your invitations, thank you notes, and your wedding program as well.

You can use real leaves for your fall wedding favors if you have access to them, but the fake variety you can buy will look great as well. The trick is to get them when they are not yet brittle, or your favors will fall apart. This is why many go with the fake leaves you can buy at your local craft store. They will often have a section of these things so that you can find all of your wedding favors for fall nuptials all in one place. You may find many more great ideas just because they have given you great suggestions by placing all of your possibilities in one place.

When putting together your fall wedding favors, think of ways to make the leaves the main part of the favor. You can find unique ways to wrap the leaves around your bubbles, if you intend to use them, and you can also use them as a cover for small, personal photo albums. You can use decoupage to affix them to votive candle holders, just be sure you are doing it in a way so that they are not fire hazards. The possibilities for fall wedding favors are almost endless, so have a look around online for some great ideas you can expand upon for your own personal wedding treats.

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