Italian wedding favors have been in vogue for decades. Brides and grooms from various backgrounds find these items to be the perfect additions to their guest tables at receptions. The traditional feel of Italian wedding favors, their heart-warming stories and their attractive presentations make them ideal for any wedding reception.

The most well-known of the traditional Italian wedding favors is the Jordan almond. This confection is wonderful to present to guests for a number of reasons. These treats are common to weddings for their sweetness and for their symbolic meaning. You can find Jordan almonds at many weddings but they never seem to lose the guests? interest.

The meaningful reception treats are presented in decorative boxes or in attractive, colorful bags that are attached with ribbon. The almonds themselves are available in a number of different colors as well which makes them ideal for adding that extra special touch to the overall presentation.

Each guest traditionally receives five Jordan almonds at the reception. Each almond represents a wish for the bride and groom. These Italian wedding favors serve as romantic reminders of the union as well as the well-wishers at the event. This makes the treat a lovely choice that many brides embrace.

The bitter-sweet nature of marriage is represented in the contrasting flavor of the almonds and the sweet sugar coating. This reminds the couple to take the good with the bad and it offers the comfort in knowing that the sweets are sweeter when paired with a little bitterness.

The five wishes presented in these Italian wedding favors include health. This may be the most important wish that anyone can give a couple. This almond is very valuable for its symbolic representation for a healthy life for the bride in groom to share. Another almond in the Italian wedding favor wishes for longevity which pairs with good health.

The third wish for the couple is fertility in the hopes that a baby will follow after the marriage. Just about every couple appreciates this wish. Wealth and happiness are two very important wishes that are represented in the Italian wedding favors as well. These all work together to help the well-wishers embrace the mood of the very special occasion.

No matter what kind of event you are planning you really can?t go wrong with choosing these very popular Italian wedding favors. They are not only lovely to look at they also represent such beautiful wishes as well.

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