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One of the hardest things about choosing wedding invitations or even making your own is decided what format to use. Should you spell every word out and how do you handle all the particulars? Could someone please give me a template to follow?

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For casual ceremonies, the sky is really the limit as to style.
But most weddings follow a certain set of formalities in their
invitations. Here is a template for a normal wedding invitation:

Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Kathryn Marie
Mr. James Henry Smith
on Saturday, the tenth of July
two thousand and five
at seven o?clock
First Baptist Church
222 Ellerbe Road
Paris, Texas

As for a formal wedding template, there are some rules of wording
that are appropriate:

1. Spell out every word, even the date and year. Street, not St.
Road, not Rd.
2. Use Roman numerals in titles, such as David Kenneth Williams
III. Do not use “3rd” or “third”.
3. For weddings in a church, say “request the honour of your
presence”. For non-religious weddings, say “request the pleasure
of your company”.
4. Write out full names. Do not use initials.

You can copy and paste this template onto your word processor for
easy guidance:

(the name of bride?s parents/parent)
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
(the name of bride)
(the name of groom)
on (weekday name),
the (day of month, spelled out) of (month)
at (time, spelled out) o?clock
(name of church or building)
(address of church/building)
(city, state of ceremony)

Reception Immediately Following
(name of location)

Directions to the reception hall can be given at the wedding or
on a separate card in the invitation envelope.

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