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Free wedding vows are easy to find on the Internet. You can use what you find written as is. However, for a more meaningful and personal wedding ceremony, you’ll have to customize them. Here are sites that offer these sample vows that you may personalize for your own wedding.

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Free wedding vows are available on a number of websites providing wedding related information. If you don’t want to do an endless search on the web to find samples to use for your own wedding, then here are a few sites you can visit immediately and read a few now.

Classic Traditional Wedding Vows

Elegantvows.com provides five free wedding vow samples on its website. Their samples include the modern and the traditional, the religious and the non-religious. According to their site, you can use their sample vows as is. Alternatively, you can change any of them by removing the lines from one vow and replacing it with another. For a small fee, you can purchase their entire collection of twenty wedding vows.

They advise you to let your minister or officiate for your wedding know about the vows you have chosen. The one who will officiate your wedding will tell you if your vows are acceptable and what must be included in the vows.

Modern Contemporary Wedding Vows

Another online resource with over two dozen free wedding vows to choose from is on About.com. Just like Elegantvows.com, there are traditional and non-traditional, religious and secular versions. However, the About.com samples are shorter in length.

About.com also provides tips on how to personalize your vows. You can use their tips to make these free wedding vows unique. They will help you brainstorm original ideas for writing your own vows or modifying the sample vows you like.

On About.com, you can read a funny wedding vow written in the style of a Dr. Seus rhyme. If you and your partner want a light-hearted and entertaining wedding vow, then it may give you some ideas for writing your own.

Unique Wedding Chapel Ceremony Website

Next, you may want to visit FoothillsChapel.com. It is the website for a real wedding chapel. They offer their wedding services for couples who want their ceremonies performed in a chapel. The site lists their services and fees. You can get a general idea of what a chapel wedding will be like just by reading the information on their site.

FoothillsChapel.com provides something unique for couples searching for free wedding vows. They have an audio recording of a wedding ceremony. You can play it to get an idea of what a wedding ceremony sounds like.


We’ve only scratched the surface of where you can find free wedding vows you can use in your own wedding. You can continue your research to find the vows that are just right for you. After all, the saying of your vows is an important part of your wedding ceremony and a promise you make to yourselves for a long and happy marriage.

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