Title: How About a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding?

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Planning to have a Disney fairy tale wedding? You’re not alone! Walt Disney World hosts over 2,300 weddings every year.

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The most popular wedding location

Getting married at Walt Disney World? It’s definitely not a surprizing question, as Walt Disney World is reportedly the most popular wedding/honeymoon location in America since 1995, when Disney went officially into the wedding business. This needs not be proven, as it is only natural for such an event location to be a success.

And why is that? When could people express at best their need for fairy-tales and fantastic if not in the most romantic moments of their lives. And what girl has not dreamed of being the fairy or the princess of her Prince Charming? So, what better location than the very Fairy Tale Home, Walt Disney World?

Poor taste?

Well, don’t get frantic when you’ll see what I’m about to say. I agree, we live in a world of illusion, we know that, but do we really need to be that obvious about it? I mean, come on, not only seems it a fake, a cartoon event, but it’s, in my opinion, a proof of poor taste, it’s ? allow me this juicy oxymoron ? a ?kitsch in style? (as if this could be!), and very expensive too! Unless your ethnic background allows or requires marriage at a very early age! With children it’s not bad taste, it’s children’s stuff, it’s cartoons, but when it comes to grown-ups, it’s already too much! But it’s only my opinion, after all, a matter of taste and you know what they say, “it’s beautiful if I like it!”.


Pretty or not, tasteful or detestable, who cares after all? A “Disney fairy tale wedding” is an excellent business! The simplest possible wedding at Walt Disney World is about $3,500 ? an intimate wedding, with up to 10 guests. The price includes a four-night ?honeymoon? at Disney resort, a daylight ceremony, a wedding cake, a bouquet for the bride and a marriage certificate (signed by Mickey!), and several other trimmings, no reception.

For a Custom Wedding ? a more flexible package, with more than 10 guests, ceremony and personalized reception ? the costs start from $7,500.

An average Disney wedding with around 100 guests costs $20,000.

Leaving aside personal impressions, fact is that at Walt Disney World you may have probably anything you can imagine as long as you can afford it:

  • Cinderella’s glass coach (is available for rental for $2,200),
  • a white-dove fly-over (for as little as $250!),
  • private fireworks ($2,500) or confetti cannons ($500),
  • and even the Magic Kingdom (this one would cost $42,000 or more ? only to rent for a reception, with no other expenses!).

Well, if your mind’s made up (and if you have the means), dream on, because you’re about to experience the true fairy tale dream-wedding!

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