Title: Maternity Wedding Dresses ? Gone are the Days of the Maternity Bridal ?Moo-Moo?!

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Today?s ?Maternity Bride? or ?Mother to be Bride? has an increasingly growing choice in styles, fabrics and colors to choose from for their wedding gowns. The ?shotgun? wedding has a new definition when it comes to appropriate attire for a dress.

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With upwards of 20% of women now expecting before they marry, the pregnant bride no longer has to worry about the ?shotgun? wedding. Only a few years ago the wedding dress choices were extremely limited and many brides truly had to compromise on their dream gown. However, times have changed and today?s ASAP wedding has a new definition when it comes to appropriate attire for a gown.

Thankfully the days of the Maternity ?Moo-Moo? and hiding the fact that the bride is pregnant are behind us. Even the once forbidden ?white gown? has taken its rightful place as an acceptable color choice for maternity brides.

Even though the planning cycle is at a quicker pace for most of these weddings you finally have some choice and can select a wonderful designer gown. Today?s ?Mother-to-be-Bride? can select from a variety of styles and fabrics. Designs range from those featuring full and formal to sleek and clingy that leave little to the imagination.

In general look for a dress that highlights your positive features. If you want to minimize your growing tummy then look for an Empire or A-line style dress that breaks away at the bust line. These styles can be found as off-the-shoulder, strapless, detailed upper bodice or with simple lines.

On the other hand, if you want to show the world that you are a proud expectant Mom then choose something more form fitting. Sheath style gowns in soft fabrics such as stretch silks will not add bulk but will instead show off your curves.

Wedding gowns these days are designed around brides? individual tastes and lifestyles. Modern women are breaking the moulds when it comes to choosing their dress. There are many exciting options now available to the Mother-to-be-Bride. Today?s pregnant bride is no longer embarrassed like they were 10-20 years ago and the Maternity Wedding Dress is proof of that.

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