Title: Necessities for Elegant Wedding Invitations

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There are certain necessities that elegant wedding invitations need that may not necessarily be part of other wedding invitations.

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There are certain necessities that elegant wedding invitations need that may not necessarily be part of other wedding invitations. Besides the invitation, there are many other items included in the envelope that is sent to guests. If a bride and groom are planning an elegant wedding, then these are absolute necessities to include when choosing wedding invitations.

The first consideration is the wedding invitations themselves. This is obviously the most important piece included in the envelope. An elegant invitation is a step above the rest. This means choosing a high quality cardstock as well as a high quality lettering process. A formal invitation is most often white or cream with little ornamentation. It is classic and traditional. It should express that presence of elegance that will be present at the wedding. When choosing a high quality invitation, it is important to also order the tissue paper overlay. This small piece of tissue paper will go in the envelope directly over the wedding invitations. It is that extra touch of class that elegant wedding invitations deserve.

Every invitation must contain the pertinent wedding information. This includes the full names of the bride and groom as well as who is hosting the wedding. This is important since many guests may be distant relatives or family friends and may not know the name of the bride or groom. The day, date, year, and time should also be included as well as the location of the ceremony. The guests will need all of this information so it should be included in the wedding invitations.

While many wedding invitations include a reply card, some people choose to simply put the reply information on the invitation itself. This is definitely not acceptable when sending out an elegant invitation. The reply cards need to match in quality. They should include lines for the guests to include their name, whether or not they are attending the wedding, and if so then how many people will be included in their party. If there is a choice of meal then this should be on the response card as well so that the guests can check which meal they prefer. This is all vital information to the bride and groom.

Wedding invitations also need to include other pertinent information in the envelope. This includes directions to both the ceremony and reception. This is especially important if the reception is at a different location or at a later time. Guests from out of town will also need information about the area. This should include local hotels. The bride and groom may also choose to include information about local restaurants and attractions. The guests will appreciate all of this information rather than having to do the research themselves.

Elegant wedding invitations are a step above the rest. This means spending the little bit of extra money to ensure that guests recognize that the wedding will be an elegant event. Including all of this within the wedding invitations will do just that!

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