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Why Olive Oil and Bessie Bunter shaped women should avoid figure hugging styles

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Eat your heart out Cinderella because the true belle of the ball is about to make her presence known to all who gathered here today. No midnight strike to say that her choice of wedding gown was to give her the fairytale wedding she had always dreamed of.

The bride`s dress will always highlight the occasion. If your wedding plans were carefully thought through then dreams can come true where the perfect wedding will now take place.

Marriage is a one time happy and glorious occasion where the wedding service will stay in the married couples mind from this day forward. When planning your wedding always make sure to outline every little detail you require for this special day to run smooth. Most future brides have an image of the wedding gown they would love to wear at their wedding but you need to remember at this point not all images conjured up in the mind is a guarantee that the vision you see is the style for you. Do not despair because fairy godmothers do exist in the form of a seamstress. The style you have pictured in your head can be altered to look similar to that of your imaginery mirage.

Aside the groom the wedding gown will come first and foremost in the bride`s thoughts. If you are to have a theme based ceremony then your dress can be designed and tailor made to compliment the topic.

Problems that may arise when choosing the perfect wedding gown is deciding which one it is to be. It can be time consuming and stressful trying on dresses due indecisive moments and the endless stunning designs that make your task even harder. This is why the importance of planning your wedding well in advance is vital. Ask a friend to accompany you to the bridal shop. Make a day of it and have a meal together and by doing this you can both discuss what other wedding plans you have. Bridal shop staff are there to assist with your needs. When choosing the bridal outfit eliminate the wedding gowns you wouldn`t be seen dead in this will lesson the number for you try on.

Remember if there was no decision made on that day then return for a repeat performance till you find the perfect wedding gown. Bessie bunter plump and rounded women should stay clear of figure hugging wedding dresses, comfort is a main factor for looking beautiful on the day. If you are of the olive oil frame then add extra layers of the material in your gown.

If you are adamant on having the wedding gown of your dreams then have your fairy godmother wave her needle and cotton to make the dress. If he/she is notably known then you can benefit from his or her experience on any advice given related to materials designs and styles.

Now that we have the perfect wedding perfected by the careful wedding planning tactics let us make this duo a match made in heaven. Cinderella and her Prince Charming.

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