Title: The Gift of Thanks ? Event Favors, Not Just For Weddings Anymore

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Some folks really know how to please a crowd. At a recent event designed to showcase the performance capabilities of luxury carmaker Lexus? latest models, guests were given a stylish goodie bag filled with gifts branded with the company?s logo upon their departure.

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Some folks really know how to please a crowd. At a recent event designed to showcase the performance capabilities of luxury carmaker Lexus? latest models, guests were given a stylish goodie bag filled with gifts branded with the company?s logo upon their departure.

Amongst the booty was a crystal piece in the shape of?no surprises here?a car, a leather-bound notebook perfectly suited for the many media types on hand, and a sports watch capable of monitoring one?s heart rate during their daily workout. In a temporary air-conditioned structure erected for the event, guests could also experience the ultimate in relaxation by way of an on-site massage parlor, indulge in a seemingly endless supply of tasty foods, have their golf swing analyzed by a PGA professional, or drink a fruit smoothie?all for free.

Why would an auto manufacturer go to such great lengths for such an event? Quite simply, it comes down to two words: thank you. Everything guests took home or experienced was an expression of Lexus? gratitude for spending the day at their event; a way for guests to remember what could otherwise be forgotten sooner than later. Heck, even that tin of mints promoting the Lexus Visa card could evoke memories of the event just by sitting on your desk. Regardless of their cost, all of these gifts could be considered some type of event favor.

While the plush gifts and unique activities for this event may have been the result of a brainstorming session between marketing professionals familiar with the carmaker?s typical clientele, the history of event favors actually dates back to the 17th century when Jordan almonds were given to wedding guests as a gesture of gratitude. Symbolic of the sweet and bitter times that a marriage can bring, they remain a popular choice for today?s wedding receptions.

When it comes time to host your own soir?e, making a lasting impression with your guests should be of equal importance. Granted there are few who can give all of their guests a $300 watch or luxurious crystal ornaments, but thankfully it truly is the little things that count whether it?s a wedding, retirement, christening, or even a corporate meeting. And if you incorporate these tokens wisely, it won?t take a king?s ransom to turn your event into a smashing success that everyone will be sure to remember for years to come.

Event favors have come a long way in terms of both concept and purpose over the years. Wax nostalgic for a moment and recall the birthday party trinkets of yore including those twisted metal paperclip-looking brainteasers and plastic sliding number puzzles you could never solve as a child (or as an adult for that matter). Today?s special occasions can be celebrated with a variety of fantastic, eye-catching favors that everyone will love and that don?t require analytical skills of any kind.

Without a doubt, a wedding can be one of the most elaborate and painstakingly detailed events in one?s life. So on this special day when great care is taken to ensure that everything is perfect, what better way for guests to remember than by decorating the reception tables with unique party favors?

These days a wealth of fantastic choices allows you to forego the ubiquitous miniature plastic champagne glasses with plastic wedding bands tied around them. Instead, opt for miniature silver picture frames that also act as placeholders. These small yet elegant frames are a smart way to welcome guests to their assigned table, and they are perfect for their own wallet-size photos. Once comfortably seated, guests won?t help but notice delectable cookies with a picture of the happy smiling couple printed on them. And yes, even mint tins with the date, the couple?s names, and graphics that range from flashy to floral can be part of the big celebration.

Speaking of celebrations, welcoming a new baby into the world is all the more special with event favors made especially for baby showers. A most joyous occasion, showers are a time when stories are shared, advice is given, and memories are made. But the expecting couple doesn?t have to be the only ones taking home gifts! Celebrate this memorable day by cracking open sumptuous candy-sprinkled and chocolate-dipped fortune cookies filled with loving new-baby fortunes. They come packed in a translucent pink or blue take-out style box with complementary ribbon, and a label complete with a personalized message. You can also wow your guests with favors that are as functional as they are beautiful. Carefully packed in a clear round box, beautiful rose petal soaps are an elegant yet practical choice for everyone who shares this special day with you.

You can even sweeten things up with a selection of fun candies. Wrappers of chocolate bars and Life Savers candies can be personalized with messages for any occasion: graduations, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs are just a few events where these confections will bring smiles to your guests? faces.

Although the shapes and styles of event favors have changed over the years, the message of ?thank you? they convey transcends every language and culture. Remember that no matter what the occasion, it?s important that your guests know their presence was appreciated. While the obligatory card that gets sent after the event is just one way to express your gratitude, the gift of edible, colorful, or downright adorable party favors is a great way to give your guests instant gratification, and a way to thank them for being a part of your life and your celebration.

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