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Best man speeches are a very important part of a wedding. The best man usually gives a toast at the start of the reception to honor the bride and the groom.

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Best man speeches are a very important part of a wedding. The best man usually gives a toast at the start of the reception to honor the bride and the groom. Many best men stress out a great deal about writing the toast while others simply rely on their instincts and speak from the heart on the day of the wedding. In either approach best man speeches are often difficult to compose which is why many best men find the situation to be so stressful. This article will provide tips for giving a memorable toast at a wedding.

First of all best man speeches should be written a few weeks before the wedding day. This is important because best men who wait until the last minute may be stressed and may have difficulty writing anything. Planning ahead gives the best man time to write the speech and rewrite or edit it as needed.

Best man speeches should avoid embarrassing anecdotes. Although these stories are popular fodder for television and movies, most wedding toasts do not include stories of debauchery or earlier transgressions. Inclusion of crude or vulgar references in a wedding toast is considered to be in bad taste because it may be offensive to those in attendance. Weddings are usually attended by older relatives of both the bride and the groom. These relatives will not likely appreciate this type of humor.

Similarly best man speeches should not include inside jokes which will not be understood by the majority of guests at the wedding. Although these little jokes may be quite funny to the couple, the best man and a few guests, most guests will likely not understand the joke. This can create an awkward situation because the guests will not know why a few guests are laughing so uproariously.

Keeping best man speeches short and simple is also recommended. Many best men make the mistake of thinking the toast has to be long but this isn?t true. Some of the most memorable toasts are quick and to the point. This is important because the guests will not become confused or lose track of the point being made by the best man.

Using common language is also recommended when giving best man speeches. A best man who attempts to use unfamiliar words may be uncomfortable and their discomfort will not translate well to the other guests.

Seeking outside advice when writing best man speeches can be very helpful. The best man may wish to recite the speech or toast for an audience before the wedding day to ensure everything comes out as he planned. Friends of the bride and groom or the parents of the couple are good resources for this practice speech. They make a good audience because they know the couple well and can provide insight into how the speech will be received.

The best man should also practice reciting the speech several more times before the wedding. The trial run with others is helpful but practicing in front of a mirror or a camcorder will allow the best man to determine how well the speech sounds. Best man speeches should sound natural and not over rehearsed but repeating the words out loud a few times will help the best man to deliver the toast smoothly on the day of the wedding.

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