Title: Weddings – Why The Fuss? ? Can’t Be That Difficult!

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Weddings, there is some major fuss when it comes to weddings, this extract is from a wedding guide aimed at helping people organise their wedding without undue stress

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We will begin by defining what a marriage is.

It is the union of two souls, two hearts, two minds, two people and one love; it is a commitment that you make with your partner as long as you both shall live.

A marriage should be both give and take and in an ideal world a marriage is made in Heaven and solemnised on Earth and therefore should last forever. It should be a relationship from which you get everything you both want.

Unfortunately quite often it does not end up that way, a lot of the time this is due to inaction rather than actions. There are sources where you can get resources aimed at helping you in this endeavour from the outset, you have dreamed of your wedding for years (come on ladies we know you have! ? Blokes ? well they won?t admit that they have even if they did!).

You can use your attitude and thinking to mould and Manifest the Life You Want and see amazing improvements over time. Make no mistake ? your life will end up the way you both decide whether that is consciously or not is entirely up to you. Marriage lasts forever.

Understandably there is major importance attached to the longevity of a marriage. A wedding on the other hand is ?only? one or two days where you gather with loved ones to celebrate the decision to marry one another forever. It?s probably not difficult to organise a bog standard wedding, but come on, you or your partner didn?t dream about that did you ? we?re sure you wanted the best day ever ? right?

Well? Don?t be fooled then, a wedding is much more than just one or two days, you will need to be up to speed on everything that needs to be done up to one year in advance to make that day or two as special as you envisaged it to be in your dreams!

As mentioned before, our aim is to help you with this by providing a detailed series of e-books that will help you step by step through the wedding process which will ultimately aid you in ensuring you have a stress free pre-wedding period, wedding day and married life thereafter.

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