Title: Your Matchmaker Recommends a Titanium Wedding Ring

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Trends in Wedding Ring design mean there are wider choices in wedding rings as well as in marriage. Matchmaker wedding photographs will show your wedding ring for years to come.

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Your wedding ring is a symbol of eternal love between marriage partners – it shines in the wedding photographs, and it is the first thing your guests will want to look at. Sadly most wedding rings do not stay shiny and new ? after ten years, many gold rings are dented and scratched with no shine. Did you know that titanium is an option for your wedding ring?

Titanium was first discovered in England in 1791 by Reverend William Gregor. It is named after the Titans, a race of powerful deities who ruled during the legendary Golden Age. The metal is produced in its highest quantity in Australia, and is prized for its strength and light weight. This makes it very suitable for anyone involved in manual work, as it will stand up to wear much better than gold. It is also a hypoallergenic material, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Until recently, Titanium was most likely to be used in high tech fields such as space and medical fields ? if you wear lightweight glasses, they probably contain Titanium. In jewellery, the use of titanium is a new innovation. Jewellers are just learning that the metal is easy to work with and makes for some very beautiful jewellery. You should be able to find Titanium wedding rings in a variety of designs and styles, set with stones and also inlaid with other precious metals. If your Matchmaker found you a rich spouse, you can set your titanium ring with diamonds or emeralds.

The good news is that it usually costs less than the equivalent version in other precious metals. Matrimonial experts will normally advise against trendy wedding rings ? as anyone sporting a wide wedding band from the seventies now realises. However, the look of a Titanium wedding ring is not radically different from gold or platinum but it has so many advantages ? lower or average cost, high tensile strength, scratch resistance, and it is hypoallergenic.

Of all the things in your wedding day budget, your wedding ring is the most permanent. The bridal dress will probably gather dust in a box or go to a charity shop, flowers are gone in a few days, the cake might last until the birth of your first child. The ring, however, is here forever as a reminder of your love match. And if your matrimonial arrangement does go wrong, remember that titanium is a stronger material as you take aim to throw it at your beloved!

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