Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Planning a wedding can be a very stressful event but there are some aspects of planning a wedding which can be a great deal of fun. Selecting wedding favors can be one of the aspects which can be fun. Many brides and grooms may spend a great deal of time, energy and money planning on the location and the food for their wedding but they may not realize the wedding favors they give out can be a very important part of the wedding planning. This is because the wedding favor is the one item the guests take home and will therefore be the one item which the guests remember for the rest of their lives. For as long as they have your wedding favor, it will serve as a reminder of your wedding day. Keeping this in mind you will want to select a wedding favor which is truly unique.

Books can make a really unique wedding favor. Most people do not think of giving books as wedding favors but they can make great wedding favors. This is especially true if you select a book which either suits the theme of the wedding or a book which is a good representation of the love you and your new spouse share for each other. For example a book of love poems which you and your partner find particularly inspiring can make a great wedding favor.

Charitable donations made in the name of your guests are another unique idea for a wedding favor. Traditional wedding favors include knick knacks or other items which are not very useful. These types of wedding favors often become clutter in the homes of your friends or family members or may be discarded after a short period of time but a gift such as a donation to a favorite charity is likely to be more special to your guests.

Items such as t-shirts with the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding also make unique wedding gifts. These are not common but they are certainly a gift which will serve as a reminder of your wedding day. Your guests will not likely where their favors while they are out running errands but they may where them around the house. You can make these gifts more personalized by choosing colors specifically for each gift or giving different styles of t-shirts to different guests. You can even use permanent marker to write a brief message to each guest on the shirt to make the gift more special.

Another unique wedding favor idea is a gift of spices. This can work well with your theme if it focuses on cooking or may be appropriate even if your wedding does not have a particular theme. Try attaching a ribbon to each spice with a short note about how love is the spice of life. This play on words can help to make the favor appropriate for a wedding. However, it is also a gift your guests are likely to appreciate because it is really something they can use. Unlike many other types of favors which may not be very useful, a favor of spices is a great idea which is both unique and useful.

A final idea for a unique wedding favor is a bottle of you and your new spouse?s favorite beer. Many brides and grooms give their guests small bottle of wine or champagne as a wedding favor. However, if you are not a big fan of wine or champagne and much prefer a nice cold beer, you can use beer as your favor instead. This will be considerably more affordable and will likely be a more accurate representation of your personal style. If you plan ahead you may even be able to have the labels customized to include your names and the date of our wedding so your guests will think of your fondly when they enjoy their beer.


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