Wedding Ceremony Songs

Most people choose to include music in their wedding ceremony. It has been a long standing tradition to have music for the arrival of the bridal party, and also to have a special song for the bride?s last walk as a single women. There is always music that is played after the couple has been declared as married, and this music follows them from the church for their first moments as man and wife. Wedding ceremony songs can be whatever you want, and you don?t have to go with the traditionally used songs if you don?t wish to do so.

When it came time for my husband and I to choose our wedding ceremony songs, I was sure I didn?t want to use the usual ?Here Comes The Bride? tune when I walked down the aisle. I had childhood memories of that song, which often included the addition of words that were not so flattering. I wanted something different. When it came time to choose our wedding ceremony songs, we decided to meet with the organist to choose some traditional songs there were fit for a wedding, but may not be as popular.

What I didn?t count on when choosing wedding ceremony songs was the emotional state of my husband. He?s not usually openly emotional about anything, and he often bottles things inside. This never bothered me because he is pretty much the same as most of the men I have known in my life, both family and friends included. When we were listening to some of the wedding ceremony songs we were considering, the organist also played the song I didn?t want. Much to my surprise, tears sprung from the eyes of my husband-to-be and he blurted out that he always imagined me walking down the aisle towards him with that song playing. With a few tears, I was overruled, and we ended up using it because I knew how much it meant to him.

When it comes time for you to choose your wedding ceremony songs, you don?t have to go with the traditional if you don?t want to. You can find suitable songs all over the Internet, and your organist, pianist, or whoever may have suggestions for you in regards to wedding ceremony songs. Take your time in making your decision and find something you both like. Just watch out for your groom, he may really surprise you. Make sure you make him part of the process as well.

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