Where do you want to get married? How about on an island somewhere in the South Pacific or a mountain in the Rockies? Does this sound a tad extreme for your taste? Well, at least I didn’t mention one of those nutty bungee jumping marriages or sky diving ceremonies. Those are always way over the top. Get a life people. Maybe what you need is a nice las vegas outdoor wedding. Yeah, that sounds pretty ideal. Just head on down to the Vegas Strip and do it up right. Heck, they have all the amenities you could possibly need down there. We’re talking incomparable hotels, amazing cuisines, and the coolest honeymoon activities known to man. Don’t tell me that you’re not down with a las vegas outdoor wedding.

How would you do your exciting las vegas outdoor wedding? Would you stay at The Palms and soak in the luxurious atmosphere? Or would you head on over to the main strip and just gamble the entire time? Yikes, that probably wouldn’t be the best idea. You definitely don’t want to lose your entire savings on before you even tie the knot. The infinite bills and debt are supposed to come further down the road. You know, after you’ve already had a few children and purchased a home. Okay, that’s just a little bit of humor, but it is fairly true if I do say so myself. Anyway, I had the benefit of hearing all about a co-workers las vegas outdoor wedding last year. Now, I have to admit right off the bat that I didn’t agree with the couple getting wed. I mean this is a true beauty and the beast marriage. Well, except the beast was benign and good-hearted in the movie. This fellow is not. Regardless, the couple did the big las vegas outdoor wedding and said it was amazing. They stayed in Vegas for their honeymoon as well. It was one gargantuan package deal. they ate at a variety of fine restaurants, gambled at a few casinos, went shopping, and basically frolicked like crazy people throughout Vegas.

Are you busy planning your las vegas outdoor wedding? Hey don’t forget to make that wedding checklist. These are imperative so that you don’t forget some tiny thing. You know, like maybe the cake, or the rings. Okay, so those are not so minor, but you get the picture. Hop online and check out a number of wonderful las vegas outdoor wedding ideas.

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